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Stone Mastic Asphalt

What is Carbonmastic?

Carbonmastic is a small stone Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) that has been modified with carbon char reclaimed from Queensland waste tyres.

With a 7mm nominal maximum stone size, Carbonmastic produces superior performance over conventional asphalt products. Austek Asphalt Production’s Carbonmastic is a proprietary product that meets the national Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) SMA 7 specification.

Produced using activated carbon, cellulose fibre, lime, bitumen, and virgin aggregates, our Carbonmastic sets the bar as a high performing, premium quality, skid resistant, durable, noise minimising, eco-friendly, and cost competitive asphalt product.

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Advantages of Carbonmastic


Paving the way to sustainability

What is Carbonphalt?

Carbonphalt is an environmentally friendly asphalt product produced by utilising carbon char extracted from recycled vehicle tyres.

Carbonphalt offers superior performance through sustainable manufacturing processes to deliver a cost competitive asphalt product.

For each tonne of Carbonphalt produced 10 vehicle tyres are removed from waste landfills and repurposed into our roads.

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Environmental Benefits

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